Since 2008, we have been digitising works of art, museum and archive objects, as well as performing photographic documentation, photo post-production, scanning, retouching and preparing for print.

We work for public institutions, companies and individual clients. We are trusted by many museums and galleries.


The digitisation of archive material is carried out in accordance with the ‘Catalogue of Good Practices for the Digitisation of Archive Material’ guidelines by the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections. We use highest-class equipment, including Phase One digital camera backs, optics from Schneider, Rodenstock, Zeiss (including specialised macro lenses), Capture One CH software (version designed to digitise museum objects), Hasselblad scanners (formerly Imacon, the so-called virtual drum), Broncolor lighting. We place particular emphasis on the security of the collections we are entrusted with, each time selecting the digitisation method individually.


We have experience in digitising, among others:


  • books, old prints, press publications,
  • large-format objects (e.g. maps, posters, sketches, paintings) requiring surface-sensor equipment capable of digitising formats larger than A0,
  • photographs (including glass negatives, diapositives, prints, daguerreotypes) using top-of-the-range specialist equipment, guaranteeing excellent image quality and short turnaround times,
  • three-dimensional objects (e.g. silverware, sculptures, coins, jewellery),
  • paintings, prints and miniatures.



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